Either you know these six scary words like the back of your hand as well as what movie they’re from and what they mean, or you don’t.

From a Beyond The Frame article on Roman Polanski‘s Rosemary’s Baby (’68), written by David E. Williams and posted on 3.29.17:

This 47-minute Criterion Collection documentary about the making of Rosemary’s Baby is drop-dead brilliant — a huge turn-on about a perfectly made film. I’ve been watching this 1968 classic for over half a century. Easily among the best horror flicks ever made, and one of the best films of any genre or era, directed by anyone or anyhoo.

If you haven’t seen the Criterion doc, please remedy that. Now, for example.

Paramount’s Rosemary’s Baby 4K disc (shitty jacket art) arrives on 10.10.23.