I could smell Freedomland (Columbia, opening today) coming a mile away. The advance word was atrocious, which was no surprise given that Revolution Studios chief Joe Roth directed it. I didn’t go to the screening (I watched the Criterion DVD of Shoot the Piano Player instead), but N.Y. Times critic Manohla Dargis did, and she calls it “an early candidate for worst film of the year…an inept, lethally dull drama [featuring] one of the few authentically awful performances of [Julianne Moore‘s] career.” The reviews are 20% positive on Rotten Tomatoes across-the- board and only 13% Cream of the Crop. And if I were Roth I would send a basket of fruit and a bottle of Dom Perignon to the Hollywood Reporter‘s Sheri Linden, who’s calling Freedomland “a moving portrait of hurting souls, brought to life in compelling performances.”