I don’t cover Hollywood business-affairs stories because they’re boring (guys buying other guys’ companies and getting their friends to run them, etc.) but I’m told there’s activity going down right now regarding a purchase of Lions Gate. The suitors could be either MGM chairman-chief exec Harry Sloan, who’s an old pal of Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer, except that Sloan would first have to void Sony’s purchase of MGM (he’s supposedly not happy there) by giving the money back and then he’d be free to do the Lions Gate deal. The other possible scenarios are about Paramount or Disney buying Lions Gate, as both are said to be interested. For all I know I’m being used to start a rumor and there’s no truth to it, but a guy I trust says it’s “definitely happening.” I called Lions Gate about this and their response was as follows: “We’re for sale every day on the New York Stock exchange because we’re a publicly traded company.”