I don’t like the trailer for The DaVinci Code at all. Does anyone? Ron Howard’s thriller (due 5.16.06 from Columbia) might be a clas- sic, but the trailer makes it seem like shameless formulaic dreck. That shot of an alarmed Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatou running together and holding hands…is there a more detestable action- thriller cliche in the book? I still say Hanks looks too old and too big for Tatou — she’s this little French Tinkerbell and he’s this tall, hulking guy with crow’s feet. And that naked bald guy lying dead on the floor of the Louvre, a victim of a sacrifical killing… c’mon! They’re obviously aiming at devout Christians who are still invested in the legend of Yeshua’s divine avoidance of female companionship, blah, blah. I don’t live on that planet. I don’t live in that solar system…proudly.