Yesterday a smirking Donald Trump derided climate science (for the umpteenth time) while Joe Biden called him, with ample justification, a “climate arsonist”…which doesn’t mean a thing as far as 40% of this country is concerned.

“Across the United States over the next 30 years, some 162 million people — nearly one in two — will most likely experience a decline in the quality of their environment, namely more heat and less water. For 93 million of them, the changes could be particularly severe, and by 2070, our analysis suggests, if carbon emissions rise at extreme levels, at least four million Americans could find themselves living at the fringe, in places decidedly outside the ideal niche for human life.

“The cost of resisting the new climate reality is mounting. Florida officials have already acknowledged that defending some roadways against the sea will be unaffordable. And the nation’s federal flood-insurance program is for the first time requiring that some of its payouts be used to retreat from climate threats across the country. It will soon prove too expensive to maintain the status quo.” — from a N.Y. Times Magazine piece, “HOW CLIMATE MIGRATION WILL RESHAPE AMERICA,” by Abrahm Lustgarten.