To have finally crossed over, to finally know the splendor of being dead and glistening and eternally omnipotent, to stalk young deer in the forest and the ecstasy of the chase and the take-down, ripping their necks open, arterial blood spurt…aahhh! Wonderfully free, where I want to be, and married.

I respected Twilight, but New Moon (’09) and Eclipse (’10) were so dreadful that I resolved never to see another, so I didn’t catch Bill Condon‘s Breaking Dawn, not even on Bluray/DVD/streaming. But I was thinking what an amazing opportunity to adopt Bella’s POV during her death and rebirth, to take the audience into the tunnel and sense the light at the end of it, and then to bank left and make a beeline for the vampire light instead. None of the reviews described or indicated this so I’m assuming Bill didn’t explore this.