I finally crashed at 3 ayem Wednesday. I guess I needed the rest because I slept right through my triple-alarm system and didn’t wake until just before noon, which caused me miss the 1 pm DaVinci Code press conference and before that the 11 ayem press screening of Paris Je’taime. I met the Daily Mail ‘s Baz Bamigboye and Fox 411’s Roger Freidman just after the press conference in the Palais stairway, and they both agreed the p.c. was dull and flat, like the movie. Film Stew’s Sperling Reich (whose site went down today from all the DaVinci Code review traffic) said the same thing. Tom Hanks didn’t want to be there, they all said…he looked drained. There was one direct question about the bad reviews, and it wasn’t answered but deflcted. DaVinci producer Brian Grazer thanked Friedman after the conference for panning the film in a kind way, i.e., less viciously than most critics.