I finally got my copy of the forthcoming two-disc A Streetcar Named Desire (Warner Home Video, 5.2), and here are two recordings from the 1947 Marlon Brando screen test, when he was 23. It’s mainly footage of Brando and a somewhat older actress acting a scene from an early version of a script called Rebel Without a Cause, in which Brando’s character wasn’t named “Jim Stark” (the teenaged kid played by James Dean in the 1955 film) but “Harold.” In excerpt #1, Harold, obviously angry and distressed, is talking to the girl about getting away (maybe to South America, he says), and excerpt #2 is recorded from footage of an off-the-cuff chat between Brando and an off-screen casting woman (possibly named Ruth Ford). The test was apparently shot before Brando began performing in the ’47 play of “A Streetcar Named Desire”– when the woman asks for his previous stage credits he only mentions plays he did prior to “Streetcar.”