I first saw this teaser for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford on Friday night at the AMC Dunvale 30 in Houston. It was at this precise moment that a less-than- profound Casey Affleck thought came to mind. Here he goes again, I muttered, playing another creep — the doleful deadhead Robert Ford, infamous for putting a cowardly bullet into the back of Jesse James (Brad Pitt). On top of his last creepy-head — that glum-ass, do-nothing piece of wood in Steve Buscemi‘s Lonesome Jim, and what was perhaps his seminal blank-stare creep role in Gus Van Sant‘s Gerry (’02). I don’t know anything about Affleck’s “Chris” character in The Last Kiss or his “Patrick” character in Gone, Baby Gone, a forthcoming Boston-area crime drama based on Dennis Lehane‘s novel, to be directed by brother Ben Affleck, and his recurring role in the Ocean-ic caper movies isn’t worth mentioning. But I know there’s a growing sense that Casey is gradually becoming a kind of magnet for neghead roles — the go-to 20-something actor (who’s actually 30) if you’re casting a youngish character with a fuck-me, I-can’t-quite-put-it-into- words-but-I-know-I-feel-like-a-baloney-sandwich attitude. I’ve listened to this damn teaser three times and I still can’t understand the first portion of what he’s saying. I think what I’m saying is that I’m starting to associate the name “Casey Affleck” with a kind of flu syndrome.