The wi-fi situation is getting so bad that I’m thinking…well, not about packing it in, but if you can’t post stuff without going through all kinds of trial and error, desperate contortions and calling AT&T tech support every other time, who needs it? It’s awful.

Damn the AT&T people to hell for taking my AT&T air card money every month and then failing to create and maintain a system that works in extremely high-stress areas like Park City — i.e., tens of thousands of users crammed into a relatively small area and using the “air” 24/7. Thanks to the festival for providing free wifi at the Park City Marriott, but the gesture is kind of defeated when the wifi isn’t strong enough to handle the demand.

Even the AT&T internet service has been crapping out on iPhones — you’ll see the bars but can’t get mail or web pages. It’s infuriating. I can’t keep up my usual level of HE posting with the above-described deficiencies fighting me tooth and nail every time I log on.

Update: I had to visit a Staples store this morning in Kimball Junction (i.e., north of Park City about 8 or 10 miles), and am now sitting at a nearby McDonalds — and the wifi is great here. All hail the Golden Arches guys and the life-shortening food they sell.