I heard last night from a seasoned director-writer who’s something of an aficionado of fantasy flicks and has no agenda against Bryan Singer that I know of, and his message said that “an agent at UTA is referring to Superman Returns as Heaven’s Cape.” I get the thought but not the analogy. Singer puts passion into his films, but he’s never been and is nowhere near the wildly indulgent egomaniac that Michael Cimino reportedly was, etc. The import of this crack, obviously, is that the “okay, let’s trash this sucker sight unseen” mentality is extending beyond the geeks who’ve been gunning for this film for months and into the “suit” ranks. The reason I’m running it is because I didn’t like that too-positive “plant” review that ran on AICN a while back. If WB is smart they’ll stage some early screenings with people like me to try and elicit some counter-views.