I knew Inside Man might run into some trouble on its second weekend after I saw it for the second time at an all-media screening at the Avco in Westwood. A stocky African- American guy in a blue blazer was sitting with his date to my right, and providing a running commentary about the action all through the film. And then came the quiet-time final scene in the bedroom — Denzel Washington looking at the diamond as he gets undressed, and maybe chuckling at the irony — and then the screen went to black and the credits began, and this guy said to his date, “That’s it?” As soon as he said that, I knew. If guys like this feel a little bit disappointed, you’re on your way down. Inside Man suffered a 46% decline last weekend, taking in about $15.6 million for a cume of $52.7 million. It’s doing moderately well, but obviously some people are telling their friends, “Yeah…it’s okay.”