Commenting about the employment situations in Gainesville vs. Scranton [2:23 mark]:

“I know what I say to my friends and the people of Gainesville. Things may be bad where you live, but I guarantee you it is a paradise compared to the burning coal heap that is Scranton, Pennsylvania. You know that show The Walking Dead? If you went to the lowest circle of hell, you’d still be 45 minutes outside of Scranton. I grew up there, I love it…it’s the single worst place on earth.”

I shook Joe Biden’s hand during a 2008 Democratic party campaign event at West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center. I waited in line a good 45 minutes if not longer to meet Joe, who was 65 (just shy of 66) at the time and wearing a light silver-gray suit. Joe pressed must’ve pressed flesh that night with over 1000 people, perhaps more. His hands must’ve been numb, not to mention his soul. When the moment finally came, I said “greetings, Senator”. Biden nodded and went “hmmm.” I understood — no worries. But I could feel his vibe, his energy. He was alive and attuned, and that was 16 years ago.

Things change. The body and spirit inevitably decline. You can’t stop the process. I would have the 2012 version.