I missed this when it went up last Wednesday, but Steve Berry does a this-and-that column for the Columbus Dispatch, and the 4.12 edition has the following Tom Cruise items: (a) a “Quote of the Day” in which a “Paramount Pictures insider” comments about an “audience reaction” to a Mission: Impossible III test screening, to wit: “There’s a scene where Tom (Cruise) gets beaten up pretty badly. And the test audience clapped…it was kind of weird“; and (b) “In a new poll at Parade.com, 84 percent of respondents blame the media for the negative publicity that Tom Cruise has received during the year since he began squiring Katie Holmes.” Don’t these items kind of argue with each other a bit? And what’s the origin of the alleged test screening story? Why didn’t Berry say when and where it allegedly happened, and who reported the comments of the alleged “Paramount Pictures insider”?