Uhhmm, okay…I wasn’t hip enough to get the joke at first, but I do now. (Finally.) I received a screening invite by e-mail yesterday evening (on 5.19) that I found “curiously touching” (as I wrote in my initial posting). “I feel for these guys on some level,” I said. The invite read as follows, typos included: “Please you will come to this. First screening outside Almaty! Tuesday, 23 May, 10 pm, Olympia Cinema, 5 rue d?Antibes, Cannes. RSVP azamat@borat.tv — Kazakhstan Ministry of Information Present You Invite to special screening of BORAT — CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN. Please you will come to this . First screening outside Almaty!” Then Drew McWeeny wrote and said, “That invitation you called ‘touching’ was a joke. It’s for the new Sasha Cohen comedy, Borat…the one that Todd Phillips walked off of last year. I guarantee it’s worth your time. Go, go, go, go.” The director is Larry Charles , who did Masked and Anonymous….whoa. Here’s an early Borat review.