“I share your feelings about The Last Temptation of Christ and I’m far from what anyone would consider a rightie fundamentalist Christian, but I don’t think the discovery of this ancient Gospel of Judas text is quite as faith-shaking or earth-shattering as you believe or hope. The legitimacy of the content by the highly- biased Gnostic group can be likened to the objectivity of an account of Ronald Reagan by, say, Rush Limbaugh, and at best it exonerates Judas from nearly two thousand years of loathing. As someone resigned to his own persecution and capture is it so blasphemous to believe that Christ turned to a close ally for assistance? Baptist and Presbyterians may believe so, but those with a more flexible attachment to the Bible, including Roman Catholics, probably won’t be running out to their local Scientology chapter for conversion so quickly.” — Chris Fontana, Philadelphia, PA.