I should have posted this Friday (1.13), but it’s weird reading the piece by the Wall Street Journal‘s Jon Weinbach about the “other” Munich movie called Sword of Gideon — a 1986 HBO cable movie — that’s about the same thing (i.e., an Israeli assassin’s sense of gathering guilt over helping to kill several conspirators who helped perpetrate the 1972 Munich Olympic games massacre) and more-or-less based on the same 1984 book “Vengeance,” by Canadian author George Jonas. Weinbach makes this sound like a big revelation, to wit: “Now here’s something else to add to the discussion: It turns out there was a cable-TV movie made 20 years ago about…,” blah, blah. And it seems kinda weird from this corner because I brought this up front- and-center in a column piece that ran on 3.9.05.