“I think you’re onto something with this ‘beep beep’/’meep meep’ thing. I can’t imagine any person with functioning ears hearing the Roadunner sound as anything but ‘meep meep.’ But Warner Bros. seems bizarrely insistent that the actual term is ‘beep beep’ (for example, see serial number 73689940 in the U.S. trademark database) and Chuck Jones himself used ‘beep beep’ (with the ‘b’ clearly pronounced) in interviews. I cannot imagine what sinister purpose they might have had in mind here, but the conspiracy dates back to at least 1952, with the release of the second Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon. The title? Beep Beep.” — Josh Martin. Wells to Martin: This is a very surreal episode. The organization team may have said “beep-beep,” but if you listen to the damn Roadrunner it’s obvious he’s saying “meep-meep” so Jones and all the others who insisted otherwise were either full of it or stupid and sloppy, and for some dumb reason they dug their heels in and refused to back down. Or somebody in the organization way back when declared for some completely perverse reason that it was “beep-beep” and everyone just followed suit from then on…including the coward Chuck Jones.