I thought I had my opinion locked down about John Scheinfeld‘s Who is Harry Nilsson (and Why Is Everybody Talking About Him?), which I saw the weekend before last at the Santa Barbara Film Festival…but I’m having another one of those turn-of-the- screw experiences. My first reaction was admiration for the film’s intelligence and craft mixed with a profound irritation with the way Nilsson ruined his talent and life with incessant boozing, and yet I’ve thought and thought about the film since and realized what a sad-profound, deep-dish thing it actually is. There’s a follow-up screening this Saturday (2.18) at S.B.’s Marjorie Luke theatre at 7:30, and Scheinfeld says an industry screening for distributors, media, and friends of Harry will happen in Los Angeles within the next two or three weeks. I’ve arranged to chat with Scheinfeld on Thursday night’s “Elsewere Live” show, so try and listen in. (Or check out the Podcast sound file afterwards.) These three songs are Nilsson for me — one (“Without You”) is achingly sad, and two (“Daybreak”, “You’re Breakin’ My Heart”) are basically jack-off booze songs, but they’re all very tuneful and catchy and created by an obviously talented maestro.