I was looking at this Ramey pix micro-shot (top left) this morning of Dyan Cannon, giving what looks like the finger to the guy shooting this photo of her and Jim Carrey at a Laker’s game. (I may be wrong…it’s a small image.) It led me, in any event, to this Christian website story about Cannon having become “an evangelist to the Hollywood community” with her Saturday night “God’s Party with Dyan Cannon & You,” at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City. Visitors “range from Hollywood insiders to people from all across the incredible diversity of the L.A. community,” with Cannon imprinting her personality “on this unique blend of southern revival meeting and Kathryn Kuhlman-like healing service.” Healing? Amazing what some people manage to put together when their career sputters. This is a town of liberal existential artist-heathens with guilty consciences, and the idea of holy-rolling in Studio City seems…well, different. What was that funny line she said in Heaven Can Wait? “I should be Cannon-ized!”