HE to Journo Pally who’d recommended Thomas Anders Jensen’s Riders of Justice: “You were completely correct in advising me to watch this film, which I realized early on was a truly original stand-out. Two days ago I insisted that violence wasn’t funny or certainly couldn’t be sold as such, and I was wrong. The dry, low-key, half-crazy comic tone is really something. It’s not quite crazy enough, if you ask me, and there’s NO WAY this ragtag group of statisticians and revenge-seekers wouldn’t be BESIEGED BY DOZENS OF COPS after the final front-yard Wild Bunch-like shoot-out, and it’s so bizarre that the brilliant Brillo-head guy didn’t make the slightest attempt to try and seriously impersonate a therapist when speaking with Mads Mikkelsen’s daughter, and I was disappointed that the guilt of the bad guys regarding the death of Mikkelsen’s wife was seemingly watered-down or made less clear as we went along, and yet…I wasn’t expecting anything as original feeling as this…the deadpan humor really works. It’s quite the discovery.”