I abandoned the cockatoo diet this morning at B & H Dairy (127 Second Ave., New York NY 10003). It wasn’t so much the feta omelette as the steaming home fries. When the air outside is like dry breathable ice you have to order something hot and heaping. Winter food. It’s the steam more than anything else. The look and the warmth of it as you sit and watch and impulsively take out the camera. That’s what counts. The eating…okay, the first couple of bites but after that not so much.

Solid ice right at the top of the stoop. It’s not guaranteed that someone will come out the front door, not look down and slip and fall down the stoop, but the odds have definitely been maximized..

A great little copy line countered by a 9% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Vampires and zombies are beyond tired and have been mined to death, and yet they keep coming. Last night I watching AMC’s The Walking Dead — second-tier garbage but my elder son Jett, who’s no impressionable pushover, is into it. Go figure.