I’m only posting this (10.31.21) as an example of how utterly silly and stupid the basic action realm has become.

Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, terrified of the cat, are sitting rock still. Then the cat strolls over to the kids’ SUV, the boy slams the driver door shut, and the girl, trembling with terror, opens up a can of cat food and thereby releasing the tangy aroma. Why would anyone with even a modest amount of brain cells do such a thing? Is she an idiot?

This leads to the cat knocking their SUV on its side. Then a shouting Neill gets the cat’s attention by holding a can of sealed cat food. Then he tosses it, etc. The cat can’t smell the sealed cat food, and it can’t open it either so what’s the point? I’ve lived with cats all my life so don’t tell me.

In short, the CG is better than decent, but the OwlKitty guys (1.7M subscribers) are morons in the screenwriting department.