If I were given to cynicism I would say it’s far more usual than unusual these days for big-studio marketing departments to distort, misrepresent and otherwise lie about what an upcoming movie is like, or is even about. If you wanted to really get cynical you could say it’s not movie quality (and I don’t mean esoteric Jim Hoberman-type quality, but quality your mother would recognize if she could be dragged out of her house and down to a multiplex) …it’s not quality that determines success these days, but to what degree big-studio marketers are going to fuck things up for you. That’s the determining factor…will marketing execs re-imagine and re-edit what your film is to a mild degree (like Fox has with those Sarah Jessica Parker-obsessed trailers for The Family Stone), or will they misrepresent your film all to hell in order to sell it to The Stupids and get the big opening weekend numbers no matter what? The result of which is that long-term nurturing and appreciation of your film is pretty much left to chance.