…it’s probably all over, everywhere, in the back of everyone’s mind. Chloe Zhao has the Best Director Oscar in the bag, no question, but the ragtag mob wants to stop Nomadland. It’s not about how good or great Zhao and Frances McDormand‘s film is on its own terms — the mob is simply starting to resent this apparently inevitable outcome and some are snorting about it. Plus the likelihood that aside from David Strathairn‘s kindly character the various 65-and-over nomads whom Fern shares stories and philosophies with are almost certainly Trumpsters, and the film ignores that probable aspect. In my book that’s a demerit. You can hear the drumbeat, feel it…muffled drums emanating from the dense jungle mist like an echo of Max Steiner‘s score for King Kong….”stop Nomadland, stop Nomadland…everyone gather ’round and stop Nomadland.”