No Hard Feeings (Sony, currently playing) is a casually coarse sex comedy about an “inappropriate age gap” relationship between Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence), a 32 year-old Montauk bartender in a financial hole, and Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), an introverted 19-year-old who’s about to become a Princeton freshman.

Percy’s helicopter parents (Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti) are concerned about his lack of outgoingness plus the fact that he’s still a virgin, so they place an ad in Craigslist that says “looking for a 20something woman who can pull our son out of his shell” — the implication being that they want this woman to sexually initiate the lad and generally prepare him for the social pressures of college.

Except the initial Craig’s List ad is way too explicit and detailed for an ad written by helicopter parents who want the whole thing kept on the down low — they don’t want their son to have so much as an inkling that they’re looking to hire a sexual tutor, etc. So right away it’s not believable.

If JLaw’s Maddie wanted to successfully seduce this kid, she might have taken a moment to size him up and determine if he’s the kind of raunchy-minded, ready-to-fuck kid who would playfully respond to “may I hold your Weiner?” or whatever the hell she says to him in the pet store.

Percy is a quiet, soulful type with a subdued sex drive — that’s obvious from the get-go. He’s congealed and too inwardly directed, but he’s not stupid. If I were in his shoes (I didn’t get lucky for the first time until I was 19) I would be immediately suspicious as to why this 30ish woman is so behaving so aggressively, like Gwen Verdon’s “Lola” behaves with Tab Hunter when she performs “Whatever Lola Wants” in Damn Yankees.

And JLaws’s “full frontal nudity” looks digitally muddy — it’s not real on some level, though I’m unsure in which way. Portions of her bod appear to have been “washed” in some way. And why don’t we see a moonlit shot of her running into the surf from Percy’s point of view (hence no shot of her ass)? For an allegedly bawdy movie you naturally expect to see this shot, but they don’t show it. I may be wrong but I don’t think so.

Here’s my 6.18.23 review