“If you want to keep your argument so narrow as to say the United #93
passengers didn’t enter the cockpit and/or manually force the plane into the ground, and therefore weren’t quite the heroes so many of us believe they are…fine. But whatever strategy the hijackers had in mind, it was not to kill squirrels in a Pennsylvania field . Whether they made it to the cockpit or not, United #93 crashed as a direct result of the passengers revolting against the hijackers. It seems quite clear that everyone on that plane had decided and accepted they were already dead, and that they weren’t going to be taking anyone else with them. I think that field in Pennsylvania is every bit as sacred as the Civil War battlefields that dot the east coast. And frankly, I think the people who say it’s ‘too soon’ are cowards; you don’t have to see the film, but my God…what makes these people think they can speak for the rest of us?” — Michael Andry , San Antonio, Texas.