…how would you play Wednesday night’s debate with the priggish Mike Pence? Would you go right for the Covid jugular? Would you slice and dice like a sushi chef and possibly risk seeming overly aggressive to male bumblefuck voters who may be watching? Or would you hold back on the grandstanding and wait for Pence to strike first or possibly put foot in mouth?

I think Kamala should hit this stooge hard and strong over the Trump administration’s non-handling of the pandemic. Charge with a sharp lance, give no quarter.

Tim Kaine to N.Y. Times‘ Sydney Ember: “Kamala’s good. She’s a prosecutor, and she has evidence to argue. When she was in court back in the day, she would have to argue the evidence. She’s got a lot of evidence to argue.

“But the vice president is a trained communicator who can look in a camera and basically say anything, even if it’s contrary to the facts, and say it as if he believes it. He’ll be praising his boss over and over again. The challenge for him is, how can you do that without it going in a completely discordant way with Americans who are suffering?”

The veep debate will happen between 6 and 7:30 pm Pacific at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.