Roughly 35 minutes into Tar Cate Blanchett‘s Lydia Tar sardonically describes herself as a “U-Haul lesbian.” I chuckled when I heard it despite not knowing what it meant. Please forgive my deplorable ignorance.

The term stems from the bonding nature of lesbians, who, unlike significant numbers of gay guys, don’t tend to fuck like rabbits. Lesbians tend to have about the same number of sexual partners as heterosexual women, which is relatively few.

Boomer women have had an average of 7.4 partners, while boomer males have enjoyed 12.9. GenX asnd Millennial omen have averaged about 10 lovers.

Lesbians, in short, are like other women in craving the security of a relationship; they may even be more anxious to be in a relationship than straight women. Hence this Urban Dictionary definition: