Michael Moore‘s Sicko is looking at a push to $20 million by the end of its run. Okay, it may crest $20 million but not by much. Agreed — health care isn’t as dynamic a subject as the Iraq War or American’s firearm fetish, but it’s a much closer-to-home subject that everyone can relate to on some level.
And yet millions of potential moviegoers haven’t gotten past the impression I had before seeing the film in Cannes, which is that health care isn’t very sexy and do I really care? I felt very differently after seeing it — Sicko is funny (well, somewhat), moving, arousing, touching. And it’s been on the news and debated over and over in recent weeks (that Moore vs. Wolf Blitzer tempest was a blast). No matter — there’s obviously a big chunk of vegged-out moviegoers (the under 25s, I suspect) who are determined to ignore it no matter what.