…that I don’t want to hang with a 40ish therapist (Jason Segel) dealing with severe grief. (I’ve been grieving my whole life about what a shit sandwich life often tastes like.) If you’re a therapist and you feel swamped with grief because you’ve lost your wife, you need to bury it during work hours — it’s that simple. Weep and moan and act out all you want, but only on weekends and in the evenings. When you’re at work, keep that shit to yourself.

Because you don’t want to “breach ethical barriers” by telling your patients exactly what you completely think (which is a notion borrowed from Warren Beatty‘s Bulworth). I basically don’t want to hang with a big beefy crybaby. Or, if you will, a whineybaby.

Harrison Ford seems cool, and I especially like his pale green sweater. I presume the producers paid Ford an arm and a leg to do this.

An Apple+ TV series, Shrinking will debut on released on 1.27.23. The first two episodes will debut together, and the remaining eight will stream on a weekly basis.

Ford: “Nobody gets through this life unscathed.” Wait, is that another version of “into every life, a little rain must fall“?

I know nothing but a voice is telling me “beware the three top creatives on this series — Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence and Jason Segel.” I can smell trouble.