I’m a little slow at times and maybe that’s why I’m not quite loving this first-anywhere gallery of Elizabethtown cast photos that just appeared on the film’s official site. If Cameron Crowe’s film is anything like the script (which I’ve read), Elizabethtown (Paramount, 10.14) will be a well-honed, colorfully layered story of romantic restoration on top of a quietly penetrating family ensemble piece. The idea behind these photos — a series of portraits of the principal actors in character (Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, Bruce McGill, Alec Baldwin, et. al.) — is to say, “Hi, guys…we’ve got a really nice ensemble piece here.” What I’m saying is, if you’re giving people some visual first impressions of a film, shouldn’t you be trying to convey the emotional angles, the penetrating points, the underlying mood or tone…and not just a bunch of, you know, class photos?