Unhappy wives are always looking to go to couples therapy when things aren’t working, and when that doesn’t pan out they’re always looking to get divorced so they can claim their chance at happiness before it’s too late. Unhappily married guys mostly turn sullen and withdraw into private realms, drinking or hanging with pals or becoming workaholics or delving into cheating or porn sites…anything to avoid “facing the problem” because it’s almost certainly unsolvable. Who in any case would want to stay married to Sarah Jessica Parker with her 40ish horse-face and ultra-fickle, high-maintenance personality? (SJP always seems to be playing variations of her Family Stone character.) Thomas Haden Church needs to lose the moustache. HBO’s comedy series, debuting on 10.10, was created by Irish/British comedienne/writer Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe). Costarring Molly Shannon, Talia Balsam and Tracy Letts.