“I’m not one of those ‘too soon!’ types, and I work in the Pentagon. I luckily managed to be out of town on 9/11, but I had many coworkers and friends in the building that day, and my brother lived in Manhattan at the time, so I’m about as close as one can get to that day without actually being there. And I have no problem seeing United 93. It’s history, and as long as it’s done as history — i.e. no JFK-like inventions of fantasy — it’s worth our time. Anyway, I had one tiny beef with your piece: whereas I may personally think that you are ‘very, very much mistaken’ when you assert that Iraq War has nothing to do with the War on Terror, we can agree to disagree. But my reaction to reading Paul Greengrass‘s ending card, ‘America’s war on terror had begun,’ is that such an observation ignores that we’d been fighting this war on terror for over twenty years before 9/11. I will sadly count the victims of Islamic terror in Tehran 1979, Beirut 1983, the Achille Lauro 1985, the European airport attacks 1985, the Berlin discotheque 1986, the Lockerbie 1988, World Trade Center 1993, Africa 1998, the U.S.S. Cole 2000…countless hijackings, assassinations and suicide bombings as all part of the War on Terror, all fought long before September 11th. The War on Terror didn’t begin on 9/11, but that’s the day America finally chose to fight back.” — Dave at Garfield Ridge.