To me a birthday is simultaneously meaningless and a reminder that you’re a little closer to death than you were at this time last year. But today’s is difficult to ignore with all the Facebook greetings coming in, and with three friends (Svetlana Cvetko, Sasha Stone, Tom O’Neil) hosting a little birthday brunch this morning. Nice mood pocket.

People of interest and accomplishment who were born on November 12th include Ryan Gosling, Jacques Tourneur, Neil Young, Auguste Rodin, Tonya Harding (yeesh), Anne Hathaway, Grace Kelly, Alexandra Maria Lara (Control, Downfall), Patrice Leconte, Charles Manson (good God), Jack Oakie, Kim Hunter, director Richard Quine, Wallace Shawn, Sammy Sosa, Jo Stafford and DeWitt Wallace.

Svetlana Cvetko, Sasha Stone — Saturday, 11.12, 11:20 am at Le Pain Quotidien.