I’m reluctant to get into this because I know how venting about weight makes me sound, but funny-guy Vince Vaughn looks too bulky in the trailer for The Breakup (Universal, 6.2). I was half focused on the premise, dialogue and jokes, and half trying to ignore a voice that wouldn’t stop saying, “Whoa…guy’s gotta hit the treadmill.” But I lost the battle and the “whoa” voice, in fact, kept getting louder and louder. Forget Vaughn’s Swingers physique — he hasn’t had that for ten years. The problem is that he looks heavier in this trailer than he did in The Wedding Crashers, in which he was close to the edge but okay. Vaughn can relax and be zen about who he is, but there’s a line at which a slightly gutty bear-like physicality tips over into the realm of “uh-oh…he’s gone too far.” The last time I felt this way about a big-name actor was when John Travolta showed up looking “like a bull walking around on his hind legs ” (my words in a Reel.com “Hollywood Confidential” column) in The General’s Daughter (1999).

(l.) Late ’90s — (r.) The Breakup