I used to feel about Elijah Wood the way I now feel about Aaron Paul. I used to despise those big eyes that seemed to say “oh, my emotional pores are so open…I need love…please understand me!” I decided when I saw the first Lord of the Rings installment (almost 15 years ago!) that Frodo Baggins needed to suffer for at least ten years. But now…it’s hard to explain but Wood has an adult vibe in The Trust (Direct TV on 4.14, theatrically on 5.13) that just seems “right” on some level. The Baggins virus is completely out of his system. And the tone seems right — loose, cloddish, unforced. Cage has become such a self-directed meta joke that it’s hard know how to respond any more, but even it seems as if even he might be on to something here. Maybe. Directed by Alex and Ben Brewer, and co-written by Ben and Adam Hirsch.