I’m very sorry to report the death of the very witty film critic and entertainment reporter John Voland, 47, who died in his sleep from a heart attack on Monday, April 3rd. Voland had most recently worked as a writer-consultant in the video-game world. He was a staff reporter and reviewer at the L.A. Times from ’85 to ’88, pop music editor at the Houston Post from ’89 to ’90, senior film reporter and critic at the Hollywood Reporter from ’90 to ’92, did various freelance gigs in the mid ’90s (LA Style, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire), and had a staff position at Variety from ’97 to ’98. I hadn’t run into John for a good ten years, but he was a very sharp dude…always with a sharp quip or observation. He’s survived by his ex-wife, the publicist Bonnie Voland , and their daughter Hayley, 14, along with his mom, Jean, and brother Mark.