Upon moving in with his married best friend Steve (Mark Duplass), Alex (Steve Zissis) says he can’t take “any beautiful L.A. people lookin’ at me like I’m a whale…they wanna fucking harpoon me.” That’s me — I’m one of those people. Actually not. When I see guys like Zissis I make a point of ignoring their whale-ness and concentrating on their minds and their souls, and that’s where it stays. But there’s no way I would fuck Zissis if I was Amanda Peet, who was double class-A material when younger and who still looks pretty hot, and yet her character in HBO’s Togetherness (debuting on 1.11.15) is so lonely and uncertain that she decides Zissis isn’t such a bad option and becomes his girlfriend. No way. A woman like Peet (I’ve known several like her) would never settle for a lardo with a loser profile (i.e., a guy who has had to move in with friends because he can’t pay his rent). But it happens in Togetherness because the politically correct view is that beefalo bods are just a trait and that some women are down with heavy guys and everybody goes through economic downswings, etc.