In America director Jim Sheridan doing Locked and Loaded, a street-crime biopic about 50 Cent? The more I think about it, the cooler it sounds. I see Jim bringing his trademark soulfulness and a veneer of class to the story, being co-written by Sheridan and Sopranos script writer Terrence Winter, about a Queens drug dealer leaving the crime world to pursue his a career as a rapper. And it always seems to work out nicely when English/Irish directors do a take on some uniquely American story-subject, like John Boorman doing Point Blank or Michael Apted doing Coal Miner’s Daughter. The Paramount-MTV venture will roll film early next year. Sheridan’s Ikiru remake with Tom Hanks will happen when it happens, I guess. (I’m told the script isn’t there yet.) Oh, and if anyone wants to slip me a copy of the 50 Cent thing? Mum’s the word.