In an interview with MTV News’ Benjamin Wagner, Elzabethtown director-writer Cameron Crowe says “the movie’s still a little long.” Wagner goes “no!” and Crowe says, “The guy who runs the focus group asks, ‘What would you cut out?’ And the group immediately starts arguing. One person says, ‘Well you can cut this’ and someone else says, ‘Are you crazy? You can’t cut that!’ Then this girl says, ‘Well, you know, it’s really hard to know where to cut ’cause it’s long and important.’ So we’ve been joking about that. We called the cut ‘long and important.’ But it can’t be that long, or that important. We’re gonna cut it down.” Oh, no! When I read this, I quickly wrote Crowe and said, “Please…puhleeeze don’t honor the legacy of Walter Parkes in any way, shape or form with the editing of this film. I want to see…no, thousands of us want to see the long and important version of Elizabethtown, and not the Brad Grey or Robbie Friedman version. C’mon, man.”