Various Gold Derby “experts” are predicting (i.e., lobbying for) Lupita Nyong’o to land a Best Actress nomination for her double performance in Jordan Peele‘s Us.

Sorry, but it can’t and won’t happen. Lupita basically gave (a) a Jamie Lee Curtis scream-queen performance and (b) a stunt performance by way of playing predator and victim at the same time. Second, Us was an “interesting”, mildly effective horror film that was elevated, yes, but also had a bizarre fixation on Hands Across America, the 1986 nationwide charity organized by the evil Ken Kragen. Third, Us opened so far out of the award-season sweet spot (i.e., last March) it’s not even funny. And fourth, why don’t these Gold Derby boosters join me and Sasha Stone is pushing an actual hottie with a serious chance of being nominated — Da’Vine Joy Randolph of Dolemite Is My Name?