“LAFF’s Rich Raddon tendered his resignation last night [over the Proposition 8 issue],” MCN’s David Poland wrote a few hours ago, “and FIND did not accept it. So this morning the LAFF board met about how to move forward.

“In many ways, I am encouraged by this becoming a decision to be made by a group and not by one person, whether the person under fire or the top of FIND, Dawn Hudson. It is an opportunity to debate these issues in some detail and, surely, with great passion.

“This is, no doubt, a tricky slope. Can a person who works in a community with a strong history of supporting gay (and other minority) rights survive while differing from the group politically? Isn’t that at the core of freedom of ideas?

“On the other hand, isn’t one reasonable price to pay for the expression of one’s freedom to get a response from the other side? Did Mr. Raddon show cowardice in trying to exit FIND rather than fighting for what he believes?

“One group will debate that this morning, and an answer may or may not be forthcoming. But in choosing not to accept Raddon’s resignation, Dawn and those she consulted took a leadership role. Rich Raddon will not be simply swept under the rug.”

I tried to get a comment from FIND twice today, and nothing has come back yet.