The Robert Blake omission in last night’s “In Memoriam” segment raises a basic question about standards and reputations and sliding scale wokeness calls. Blake was an excellent, highly significant actor who most likely arranged to have his wife shot…probably. But he was not only ignored last night but made into a figure of macabre amusement.

And what about Paul Sorvino by the way? And poor Anne Heche? And Tom Sizemore?

Cutting to the chase, how will the Oscar producers respond when Woody Allen dies? They CAN’T ignore him like they did Blake, but any fair and comprehensive assessment of Allen’s career demands some kind of a special farewell tribute…he was huge and important…a major wise man, funny man and social commentator…an artist whose work brilliantly channelled and reflected the moral and sexual mores of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, for sure.

But how will the Oscar producers actually handle his passing? I suspect they’ll sidestep the meaning of it all…I think they’ll blow off the special tribute and just slip him in with the others. Because anyone who’s been accused or convicted of anything…the unseemly label always sticks.

What do you think will actually happen?

How will Oscar prducersy handle Roman Polanski‘s passing? A special tribute, which in my mind would be a fairly necessary call, or some some kind of generic mention within a usual-usual “In Memoriam”reel?

How will they handle the passing of Harvey Weinstein? Will they ignore his death outright? How could they do that? He was too big of a force, too much of a collossus. But they might.

Allen, Weinstein, Polanski…what will they do?