…a critic I know posted an image that belittled Chris Christie. I wrote the following in response: “Why are you showing hostility to the only Republican candidate who has bluntly labeled Donald Trump a sociopath criminal? Nikki Haley has criticized Trump but none of the others have said in so many words ‘this guy is obviously an unbalanced hooligan and unfit to be president.” And you’re TRASHING him? What’s wrong with you? Christie has, yes, in some ways shown himself to be a transactional opportunist, but what he’s been saying about Lex Luthor is balls-up.”

The last time I heard a film character use the term “balls-up”, by the way, was in John McNaughton‘s Mad Dog and Glory (’93) — David Caruso‘s “Mike” telling Robert DeNiro‘s “Wayne” that he did a brave thing when he came upon a store robbery in progress. Now that I think of it, I don’t recall anyone using this term at all in any context. The screenplay was written by Richard Price — maybe Price coined it.