Hollywood Elsewhere’s estimation of Spike Lee’s best films, top to bottom, no docs, obviously limited to those I’ve seen:

1. Malcom X (most spiritual, impassioned, best written); 2. Do The Right Thing; 3. The 25th Hour; 4. She’s Gotta Have It; 5. Inside Man; 6. BlackKKlansman; 7. Jungle Fever; 8. He Got Game; 9. Mo’ Better Blues; 10. Clockers; 11. Crooklyn; 12. She Hate Me; 13. Oldboy; 14. Son of Sam; 15. Girl 6; 16. Bamboozled (saw half of it).

Never saw Chi-Raq — should have. Never saw Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall — wanted to.