In what is being called “the latest Vatican broadside” upon Ron Howard‘s The Da Vinci Code (Columbia, 5.19), Cardinal Francis Arinze, a Nigerian who was apparently a leading candidate for pope last year, has said in a new documentary that Christians should sue the filmmakers and Columbia Pictures as well as Dan Brown and the original “DaVinci Code” book publisher because these parties offend…zzzzz. The anti-DaVinci doc, due to be screened in Rome just before the 5.16 debut of The DaVinci Code in Cannes and elsewhere, is called The Da Vinci Code — A Masterful Deception. Howard has said in response, “”This is a work of fiction that presents a set of characters that are affected by these conspiracy theories and ideas. Those characters in this work of fiction act and react on that premise. It’s not theology. It’s not history. To start off with a disclaimer….” he searches for the right words. “Spy thrillers don’t start off with disclaimers.”