I’m sorry but Paramount and Participant’s sequel to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth doc, which will premiere at next month’s Sundance Film Festival, is going to feel like a hugely depressing “so what?” to nearly everyone. Not over the content of Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk‘s film, which will presumably be as well-researched as the original 2006 film was, but because of Donald Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt, a climate-change-denying animal, to head the Environmental Protection Agency. The Trump horror has made this untitled doc seem like a study of early 14th Century England (the capture and execution of Scottish resistance fighter William Wallace, the usurpation of the English throne by Edward III and the start of the Hundred Years War) that ignores the black plague, which began infecting English citizens in 1348. Who cares about Edward III when a pandemic is poised to kill 1/3 of England’s population? The U.S. is about to enter a period of outrageous governmental corruption and lunacy that one way or the other will almost certainly accelerate the fossil-fueled poisoning of the planet. What the hell can a documentary about the ongoing fight against climate change possibly mean when King Kong is about to take over?