Lakshmireddy Srinu, a resident of the Kakinada district of India’s southern Andhra Pradesh region, died of cardiac arrest last weekend while watching Avatar: The Way of Water.

It has been theorized (but not proven) that Srinu’s heart couldn’t handle the 3D wowser excitement levels.

A report posted this morning (12.19, 9:37 am) by’s Alicia Adajobi didn’t mention (a) what day Srinu died on (although it was probably on Friday, 12.16), (b) how old he was or (c) whether or not he was obese.

The original report, posted on Saturday, 12.17, was filed by Parmita Uniyal of New Delhi’s Hindustan Times

Dr. Sanjeev Gera, director of Noida’s Fortis Hospital, told Unival that Serinu may have died “because of stress…increase in blood pressure like what happened in this case, arteries of the heart could have ruptured and that can cause sudden cardiac arrest.’

Aster CMI Hospital’s Dr. Pradeep Kumar added, ‘This may be due to a plaque rupture in the coronaries or triggering of an arrhythmia due to excitement.”

So James Cameron‘s film didn’t actually kill the poor guy. Most likely his heart was in bad shape to begin with, and all he needed was a little push.

You know this story adds to the Avatar want-to-see factor. You know it does.