“As the light fades and the first stars come out, the movie begins. It is thrilling, larger than life, romantic — heightened by the night air, by the vastness of the screen. For the first time, I understand the concepts of sexiness and attraction — Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty emanate both.

“In the beginning, there is something fun about the movie — madcap, Keystone Cops, outlaw heroes, the chase. I sit in the back seat with my brother eating penny candy: Pixie Stix, Atomic Fire Balls, root-beer barrels, Lik-m-aid. And then I am afraid, overwhelmed.
“During the parts of the film that I don’t like, I duck down in the seat; the sound of gunfire — blasting from the metal box just in front of my left ear, tinny, too loud — is inescapable.” — from a 6.11.07 New Yorker “Summer Movies” piece by A.M. Homes.